City Style Mother/Daughter mini session in London - Eulanda Shead Photography
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City Style Mother/Daughter mini session in London

City Style Mother/Daughter mini session in London

As I made my way towards St. James Park Station, I thought about how much I love shooting mother and daughter sessions! As soon as I entered the restaurant we were meeting at, I immediately felt that Nishaat & Nasreen possessed a very special bond.  As I sipped on my tea, Nasreen talked about her love of South Africa, and how Nishaat wanted to move back to London for school.  Nishat sat quietly, until her mother spoke of her talents in the arts.  She immediately lit up, and began to talk about her love of performing and fine arts.  I caught quick glances of Nasreen, and she beamed proudly, as she quietly listened to Shaat talk about her aspirations.  We headed out to begin shooting, and I found myself enjoying their shared laughter, Cape Town stories, and genuine joy!  Their energy & love for each other was contagious! Truly a treat on a cloudy Saturday!


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