Milk (Styled boudoir session) - Eulanda Shead Photography
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Milk (Styled boudoir session)

Milk (Styled boudoir session)

Earlier this year, I had the inspiration for a styled boudoir session in milk. I called upon a long time collaborator, Hanna Wrobl. She’s a lovely performance artist whose work as a solo performer focuses on exploring the intimate layers of the female body, and the relationship between the viewer (voyeur) and the body. I knew she’d be a perfect fit to immerse herself into a milky bath. We explored the central theme of a woman who carefully prepares her bath, armed with the awareness that she’s being watched (but by who?). She carefully immerses herself in the bath , choosing which parts of her skin she wants to reveal. As she performs her enticing dance in the bath of coconut milk, she finally surrenders to the “wash away” qualities of the aqueous solution.


Model: Hanna Wrobl

MUA/Hair: Yonkel Chamberlain

Photography/Stylist: Eulanda Shead



Beauty, Boudoir, Hanna Wrobl, Performance, Performing Artists, Woman