Liz Yemoja (Bella Naija) - Eulanda Shead Photography
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Liz Yemoja (Bella Naija)

Liz Yemoja (Bella Naija)

When first walking into the room where Liz was getting prepped by the styling team, I was immediately struck by her energy, and command of the space.  Her personality is infectious, and I couldn’t help but be swept up in her stories of the entertainment world in Lagos, Nigeria.  We began by shooting in a local Greenwich neighborhood, and then headed to the Canary Wharf area.  The talented team of women listed below, really came together to do some fantastic work!  Read more about Liz here!

Makeup: Dayo (OTS Beauty)

Styling: Mariam

Assistant: Evelyn Esumai

Model: Liz Yemoja