About Me - Eulanda Shead Photography
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More than a photo…

Taking photos is more than capturing an image of someone.  It’s about relationships, trust, and transparency!  So here we go!


I cannot remember a time when wanting to capture the beauty of movement did not have my complete interest. My first camera was a 1985 Fisher-Price Kodak camera; which took the infamous 110 film! Needless to say, it just wasn't enough. Perhaps it was part of my fascination with becoming a 'grown-up' or maybe I was always destined to have a 'big people's' camera. So I kept my eye on my parent's canon AE-1 for years, and finally got to use it under the watchful gaze of my mother. Once I finally had it in my hands, there was no turning back!

What I Enjoy!

Spending time with family, sailing, hiking, wine tasting, dancing (Swing, Salsa, Kizomba), entertaining for friends, and attending healthy food events are just some of the things I enjoy. Ohh, did I say food? I super enjoy creating new recipes, cooking, and of course trying lot's of delicious world cuisines!

When my husband and I got married, we took a roadtrip up the pacific coast of California. One of the most exciting things was trying out the amazing restaurants and cafes in that region. Yes, we are proper foodies!

What I Love!

Besides having an incredible love with photography & movement, there is nothing like discovering the beauty that surrounds us; whether it be through our travels, or right at home. I am incredibly blessed to be married to someone who enjoys travelling as much as I do. Together, we try not to get carried away by our wanderlust hearts! Photography & filmmaking have introduced me to the most amazing people! Being able to capture the moments I spend with them is truly a gift that I cherish (this, I must always remind myself whilst shooting in the rain or snow, lol).